LS14 Trust 

The LS14 Trust is working to revitalise the huge Seacroft estate and the surrounding locality, creating new opportunities for residents and increasing the sense of pride in the area.

They host a Cafe, Digital Lounge, Training Room, Hot Desks, Art Room and Roof Garden. They are the only active community hub in the area, and have over 1000 local members who live within in a 3 mile radius of our centre.

As an organisation, LS14 Trust wants to help the local community to recognise its power to bring about and sustain positive social change. They foster conversations with residents about their vision for the area and engage with agencies and community bodies that are working there to move that vision forwards. They are developing expertise in Asset Based Community Development, and are a catalyst for seeding and supporting new ventures in the community.

Top:Fun and games at a street party

Above:A community meeting at The Digital Lounge

Below:The vision of LS14 Trust shared for all to see...

Phil from IF says...

The strength of LS14 Trust is its rootedness in the local community and its desire to bring that community together to create change, both on an individual level and on a communal one. It’s energising to meet people who have such an inspiring vision and we are really looking forward to seeing what develops as they move forward.